Roy Kerr: discovering the Kerr Metric

Roy Kerr Roy Kerr: discovering the Kerr Metric

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Roy Kerr speaks about his discovery of the Kerr Metric

Hermann Nicolai opens the conference

Jean Eisenstaedt on the history of black hole science

Mihailis Dafermos speaks about how Black Holes could be understood as actual physical objects

Saul Teukolsky on simulations of the interactions between Black Holes on computers

Jörn Willems talks about X-Ray emissions from Black Holes and their accretion disks

B. S. Sathyaprakash: The intricacies of finding the signals from Black Hole mergers with gravitational wave observatories

Reinhard Genzel: Talks about how the object in the centre of our Milky Way was proven to be a Black Hole

Marta Volonteri: How do Black Holes influence the development of the Galaxies the are embedded in? Are they the cause for Galaxies to form?

Joris Verbiest: Finding gravitational waves by using a special kind of star as a tool

Roger Blandford: How could Black Holes cause huge amounts of matter to be ejected from active Galaxies?

Georgi Dvali: How quantum physics could resolve some of the appearant paradoxes posed by Black Holes

Atish Dabholkar lectures about quantum properties of black holes at the Kerr Conference