LISA Pathfinder - The beating heart

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The Path to LISA: LISA Generations

The path to LISA: LPF end of mission

The Path to LISA Pathfinder in 90 seconds!

The path to LISA: LPF Operations Part 1

The path to LISA: LPF Operations Part 2

The path to LISA: LPF Operations Part 3

We have a mission - the launch of the LISA Pathfinder satellite

The LPF scientists prepare for the mission operations.

A Time lapse movie of LISA Pathfinder's optical bench being packed for its journey to Astrium

LISA - Laser Interferometer Space Antenna

LISA Pathfinder will be the quietest place in the Solar System

After intensive testing, LISA Pathfinders optical bench has proven it is ready to fly.

LISA Pathfinder's optical bench arrives at Astrium for integration into the spacecraft

LISA Pathfinder's optics are subjected to rigorous pre-flight tests

Behind the scenes: A short time lapse movie of setting up and filming in the optical laboratory